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SVRF: Object Store Verify Fail

Contributors netapp-madkat netapp-lhalbert

This message is issued whenever a content block fails the verification process. Each time replicated object data is read from or written to disk, several verification and integrity checks are performed to ensure the data sent to the requesting user is identical to the data originally ingested into the system. If any of these checks fail, the system automatically quarantines the corrupt replicated object data to prevent it from being retrieved again.

Code Field Description


Content Block Identifier

The unique identifier of the content block which failed verification.


Result Code

Verification failure type:

CRCF: Cyclic redundancy check (CRC) failed.

HMAC: Hash-based message authentication code (HMAC) check failed.

EHSH: Unexpected encrypted content hash.

PHSH: Unexpected original content hash.

SEQC: Incorrect data sequence on disk.

PERR: Invalid structure of disk file.

DERR: Disk error.

FNAM: Bad file name.

Note This message should be monitored closely. Content verification failures can indicate impending hardware failures.

To determine what operation triggered the message, see the value of the AMID (Module ID) field. For example, an SVFY value indicates that the message was generated by the Storage Verifier module, that is, background verification, and STOR indicates that the message was triggered by content retrieval.