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Step 3 of 3: Select ingest behavior

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The Select ingest behavior step of the Create ILM Rule wizard allows you to choose how the objects filtered by this rule are protected as they are ingested.

About this task

StorageGRID can make interim copies and queue the objects for ILM evaluation later, or it can make copies to meet the rule's placement instructions immediately.

  1. Select the ingest behavior to use.


    You can't use the Balanced or Strict option if the rule uses one of these placements:

    • A Cloud Storage Pool at day 0

    • An Archive Node at day 0

    • A Cloud Storage Pool or an Archive Node when the rule uses a User defined creation time as a Reference time

  2. Select Create.

    The ILM rule is created. The rule does not become active until it is added to an ILM policy and that policy is activated.

    To view the details of the rule, select the rule's name on the ILM rules page.