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Set up hardware: Overview

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After applying power to the appliance, you configure the network connections that will be used by StorageGRID.

Configure required network connections

For all appliances, you perform several tasks to configure required network connections such as:

  • Access the Appliance Installer

  • Configure network links

  • Verify port-level network connections

Additional configuration that might be required

Depending upon which appliance types you are configuring, additional hardware configuration might be required.

SANtricity System Manager

For SG6000 and SG5700, you configure SANtricity System Manager. The SANtricity software is used to monitor the hardware for these appliances.

BMC interface

The following appliances have a BMC interface that must be configured:

  • SGF6112

  • SG6000

  • SG1000

  • SG100

Optional configuration

  • Storage appliances

    • Configure SANtricity System Manager (SG6000 and SG5700) the software you will use to monitor the hardware

    • Change the RAID mode

  • Services appliances

    • Access the BMC interface for the SG100 and SG1000 and the SG6000-CN controller