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Optional: Remap network ports for appliance

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You can optionally remap the internal ports on an appliance node to different external ports. For example, you might need to remap ports because of a firewall issue.

Before you begin
  • You have previously accessed the StorageGRID Appliance Installer.

About this task

You can't use remapped ports for load balancer endpoints. If you need to remove a remapped port, follow the steps in Remove port remaps.

  1. From the StorageGRID Appliance Installer, select Configure Networking > Remap Ports.

    The Remap Port page appears.

  2. From the Network drop-down box, select the network for the port you want to remap: Grid, Admin, or Client.

  3. From the Protocol drop-down box, select the IP protocol: TCP or UDP.

  4. From the Remap Direction drop-down box, select which traffic direction you want to remap for this port: Inbound, Outbound, or Bi-directional.

  5. For Original Port, enter the number of the port you want to remap.

  6. For Mapped-To Port, enter the number of the port you want to use instead.

  7. Select Add Rule.

    The new port mapping is added to the table, and the remapping takes effect immediately.

  8. To remove a port mapping, select the radio button for the rule you want to remove, and select Remove Selected Rule.