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Install services appliance (platform change only)

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When you are recovering a failed grid node that was hosted on VMware or a Linux host and you are using a services appliance for the replacement node, you must first install the new appliance hardware using the same node name (system name) as the failed node.

Before you begin

You have the following information about the failed node:

  • Node name: You must install the services appliance using the same node name as the failed node. The node name is the hostname (system name).

  • IP addresses: You can assign the services appliance the same IP addresses as the failed node, which is the preferred option, or you can select a new unused IP address on each network.

About this task

Perform this procedure only if you are recovering a failed node that was hosted on VMware or Linux and are replacing it with a node hosted on a services appliance.

  1. Follow the instructions for installing a new SG100 or SG1000 services appliance. See Quick start for hardware installation.

  2. When prompted for a node name, use the node name of the failed node.