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Recover from primary Admin Node failures: Overview


You must complete a specific set of tasks to recover from a primary Admin Node failure. The primary Admin Node hosts the Configuration Management Node (CMN) service for the grid.

A failed primary Admin Node should be replaced promptly. The Configuration Management Node (CMN) service on the primary Admin Node is responsible for issuing blocks of object identifiers for the grid. These identifiers are assigned to objects as they are ingested. New objects can't be ingested unless there are identifiers available. Object ingest can continue while the CMN is unavailable because approximately one month's supply of identifiers is cached in the grid. However, after cached identifiers are exhausted, no new objects can be added.

Important You must repair or replace a failed primary Admin Node within approximately a month or the grid might lose its ability to ingest new objects. The exact time period depends on your rate of object ingest: if you need a more accurate assessment of the time frame for your grid, contact technical support.