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Monitor iSCSI sessions to determine connection status

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You can view information about iSCSI sessions that are connected to the selected cluster in the NetApp Element Plug-in for VMware vCenter Server.

  1. From the vCenter Plug-in, open the Reporting tab:

    • Beginning with Element vCenter plug-in 5.0, select NetApp Element Remote Plugin > Management > Reporting.

    • For Element vCenter plug-in 4.10 and earlier, select NetApp Element Management > Reporting.

  2. Select iSCSI Sessions.

iSCSI session data

  • Node: The node hosting the primary metadata partition for the volume.

  • Account: The name of the account that owns the volume. If value is blank, a dash (-) will be displayed.

  • Volume: The volume name identified on the node.

  • Volume ID: ID of the volume associated with the Target IQN.

  • Initiator ID: A system-generated ID for the initiator.

  • Initiator Alias: An optional name for the initiator that makes finding the initiator easier in a long list.

  • Initiator IP: The IP address of the endpoint that initiates the session.

  • Initiator IQN: The IQN of the endpoint that initiates the session.

  • Target IP: The IP address of the node hosting the volume.

  • Target IQN: The IQN of the volume.

  • Created On: Date the session was established.