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VSC, VASA Provider, and SRA 9.7

Product-level privilege required by VSC for VMware vSphere

Contributors netapp-asubhas

To access the Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere GUI, you must have the product-level, VSC-specific View privilege assigned at the correct vSphere object level. If you log in without this privilege, VSC displays an error message when you click the NetApp icon and prevents you from accessing VSC.

The following information describes the VSC product-level View privilege:

Privilege Description Assignment level


You can access the VSC GUI. This privilege does not enable you to perform tasks within VSC. To perform any VSC tasks, you must have the correct VSC-specific and native vCenter Server privileges for those tasks.

The assignment level determines which portions of the UI you can see.

Assigning the View privilege at the root object (folder) enables you to enter VSC by clicking the NetApp icon.

You can assign the View privilege to another vSphere object level; however, doing that limits the VSC menus that you can see and use.

The root object is the recommended place to assign any permission containing the View privilege.