Enable datastore mounting across different subnets

If you use iSCSI or NFS and the subnet is different between your ESXi hosts and your storage system, you have to modify the Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere preferences files. If you do not modify the preferences file, then datastore provisioning fails because (VSC) cannot mount the datastore.

About this task

When datastore provisioning fails, VSC logs the following error messages:

Unable to continue. No ip addresses found when cross-referencing kernel ip addresses and addresses on the controller.

Unable to find a matching network to NFS mount volume to these hosts. ``

  1. Log in to your vCenter Server instance.

  2. Launch the maintenance console using your unified appliance virtual machine.

  3. Enter 4 to access the Support and Diagnostics option.

  4. Enter 2 to access the Access Diagnostic Shell option.

  5. Enter vi /opt/netapp/vscserver/etc/kamino/kaminoprefs.xml to update the kaminoprefs.xml file.

  6. Update the kaminoprefs.xml file.

    If you use…​ Do this…​


    Change the value of the entry key default.allow.iscsi.mount.networks from ALL to the value of your ESXi host networks.


    Change the value of the entry key default.allow.nfs.mount.networks from ALL to the value of your ESXi host networks.

    The preferences file includes sample values for these entry keys.


    The value “ALL” does not mean all networks. “ALL” value enables all of the matching networks, between the host and the storage system, to be used for mounting datastores. When you specify host networks, then you can enable mounting only across the specified subnets.

  7. Save and close the kaminoprefs.xml file.