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VSC, VASA Provider, and SRA 9.7

Thick provision of VVols fails for ONTAP 9.4 storage systems

Contributors netapp-asubhas

Thick provisioning of virtual volumes (VVols) fails when the VVol datastore does not contain thick-provisioned FlexVol volumes on an ONTAP 9.4 storage system.


You might receive error messages such as the following while provisioning the VVol:

com.netapp.vasa.vvol.exceptions.OutOfResourceException: Unable to find a location
for a vvol of size 4,096 in storage container vvol_nfs_new - Checked 1 places.
Specific reasons were vvol_nfs_new | Final Score: 0 | 100 -> 0 : FlexVol of
vvol_nfs_new does not support required storage profile, details [FlexVolume with
name vvol_nfs_new is not thick provisioned]


This error occurs if you do not have any thick-provisioned FlexVol volumes on the VVol.


  1. Add a new FlexVol volume that has storage capability with thick provisioning enabled for the VVol.

  2. Create a new virtual machine by using the FlexVol volume.