Verify datastore compliance with the mapped storage capability profile

You can quickly verify whether your datastores are compliant with the storage capability profiles that are mapped to the datastores.

Before you begin
  • You must have registered your VASA Provider instance with Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere (VSC).

  • VSC must have discovered your storage.

  1. From the VSC Home page, click Storage Mapping.

  2. Review the information in the Compliance Status column to identify non-compliant datastores and review the alerts for non-compliance reason.


    When you click the COMPLIANCE CHECK button, VSC performs a rediscovery operation for all of the storage, which might take few minutes.

    If a datastore is no longer compliant with its profile, then the Compliance Status column displays an alert stating the reason for non-compliance. For example, a profile might require compression. If that setting has been changed on the storage, compression is no longer used, and the datastore is non-compliant.

After you finish

When you discover a datastore that is not compliant with its profile, you can modify the settings on the volume backing the datastore to make the datastore compliant, or you can assign a new profile to the datastore.

You can modify the settings from the Storage Capability Profile page.