VSC, VASA Provider, and SRA 9.7

Configure placeholder datastores

Contributors netapp-asubhas

You must configure a placeholder datastore to hold a place in the vCenter inventory at the recovery site for the protected virtual machine (VM). The placeholder datastore does not need to be large as the placeholder VMs are small and use only a few hundred or fewer kilobytes.

Before you begin
  • You must have connected the protected and recovery sites.

  • You must have configured your resource mappings.

  1. Log in to your vCenter Server, and click on Site Recovery  Sites.

  2. Select your protected site, and then click Manage.

  3. In the Manage tab, select Placeholder Datastores.

  4. Click the new placeholder datastore icon to create a new placeholder datastore.

  5. Select the appropriate datastore, and then click OK.


    Placeholder datastores can be local or remote and should not be replicated.

  6. Repeat the steps 3 to 5 to configure a placeholder datastore for the recovery site.