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VSC, VASA Provider, and SRA 9.7

Map storage policies

Contributors netapp-asubhas

You should map the storage policies on the protected site to the storage policies on the recovery site for your recovery plan to place the recovered virtual machines on the appropriate datastores based on your mappings. After the virtual machine is recovered on recovery site, mapped VM Storage Policy will be assigned to virtual machine.

  1. On the vSphere Client, click Site Recovery  Open Site Recovery.

  2. In the Site Pair tab, click Configure  Storage Policy Mappings.

  3. Select the required site, and then click New to create a new mapping.

  4. Select the option Automatically prepare mappings for storage policies with matching names, and then click NEXT.

    SRM will select storage policies on the protected site for which a storage policy with the same name exists on the recovery site. But if you select the manual mapping option, you can select multiple storage policies.

  5. Click Add mappings, and the click NEXT.

  6. In the Reverse mapping section, select the required check boxes for mapping, and then click NEXT.

  7. In the Ready to complete section, review your selections and click FINISH.