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VSC, VASA Provider, and SRA 9.7

Remove storage from a vVols datastore

Contributors netapp-asubhas

If a VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols) datastore has multiple FlexVol volumes, you can remove one or more of the FlexVol volumes from the vVols datastore without deleting the datastore.

About this task

A vVols datastore exists until there is at least one FlexVol volume on the datastore.

  1. From the vSphere Client Home page, click Hosts and Clusters.

  2. Right-click the vVols datastore that you want to modify, and then select NetApp VSC  Remove Storage from vVol Datastore.

    The Remove Storage from vVol Datastore dialog box is displayed.

  3. Select the FlexVol volumes that you want to remove from the vVols datastore, and click Remove.

  4. Click OK in the confirmation dialog box.


    If you select all of the FlexVol volumes, an error message is displayed, indicating that the operation will fail.