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OnCommand Workflow Automation 5.0
A newer release of this product is available.

Portal window


The Portal window displays the workflows that are marked ready for production. You can edit or execute the workflows for which you have authorization. You can access this window by clicking the Portal tab.

Category pane

The category pane enables you to search for workflows by categories. A workflow that is not assigned to any category is listed under “No Category”. To the right of the category heading, the total number of workflows within that category is displayed. This number includes the workflows that are marked ready for production. For example, “Data Protection (7)” indicates that seven workflows are ready for production in the “Data Protection” category.


The Schemes menu enables you to select the schemes.

The schemes that are displayed are based on the selection made by the administrator in the Show content for schemes option under Settings > Setup > Workflow Settings. You can select the schemes that you want to be displayed by selecting or clearing the check boxes. This selection is valid only for the current session.

Workflow pane

Workflows that are marked ready for production are displayed as gray boxes on the Workflow pane. The workflow boxes include the name of the workflow and an icon to indicate that the mode is supported by the workflow. You can execute a workflow by clicking the workflow box.

If you are an administrator or an architect, you can edit a workflow by clicking the portal edit object wfa icon icon. The info icon execute wfa icon provides more information about the workflow.