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OnCommand Workflow Automation 5.0
A newer release of this product is available.

Upgrade JRE on Linux


You can upgrade to a newer version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on the Linux server on which OnCommand Workflow Automation is installed to obtain fixes for security vulnerabilities.

What you'll need

You must have root privileges for the Linux system on which WFA is installed.

Note You can upgrade from one update of JRE 1.8 to a later update of JRE 1.8. You cannot upgrade to a later major release of JRE such as Java 9. For example, you cannot update from Java 8 update 144 (64 bit) to Java 8 update 151 (64 bit), or from Java 8 to Java 9.
  1. Log in as a root user on the WFA host machine.

  2. Download the appropriate version of Java (64-bit) to the target system.

  3. Before upgrading the JRE, execute the following commands to list the encryption and license keys for WFA:

    /opt/netapp/wfa/bin/wfa -K

    This returns the encryption key, for example:

    Key: oidMG6GbIuHjdZG30JgFng==

    /opt/netapp/wfa/bin/wfa --license

    This returns the license key, for example:

    Key: MS8xLzIwOTkgMTE6NTkgUE0=

    Save these keys as they are required for key reconfiguration during the JRE upgrade.

  4. Stop the WFA services:

    service wfa-server stop

  5. Install the latest JRE on the system.

  6. To upgrade the JRE, reconfigure the keys saved in Step 3 using the following commands:

    /opt/netapp/wfa/bin/wfa --license=MS8xLzIwOTkgMTE6NTkgUE0=

    /opt/netapp/wfa/bin/wfa -K=oidMG6GbIuHjdZG30JgFng==

  7. Start the WFA services:

    service wfa-server start