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OnCommand Workflow Automation 5.0
A newer release of this product is available.

Considerations while importing OnCommand Workflow Automation content


You must be aware of certain considerations when you import user-created content, content that is exported from another OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) installation, or content that is downloaded from the Storage Automation Store or the WFA community.

  • WFA content is saved as a .dar file and can include the entire user-created content from another system or specific items such as workflows, finders, commands, and dictionary terms.

  • When an existing category is imported from a .dar file, the imported content is merged with the existing content in the category.

    For example, consider there are two workflows WF1 and WF2 in category A in the WFA server. If workflows WF3 and WF4 in category A are imported to the WFA server, category A will contain workflows WF1, WF2, WF3, and WF4 after the import.

  • If the .dar file contains dictionary entries, then the cache tables corresponding to the dictionary entries are automatically updated.

    If the cache tables are not updated automatically, an error message is logged in the wfa.log file.

  • When importing a .dar file that has a dependency on a pack that is not present in the WFA server, WFA tries to identify whether all the dependencies on the entities are met.

    • If one or more entities are missing or if a lower version of an entity is found, the import fails and an error message is displayed.

      The error message provides details of the packs that should be installed in order to meet the dependencies.

    • If a higher version of an entity is found or if the certification has changed, a generic dialog box about the version mismatch is displayed, and the import is completed.

      The version mismatch details are logged in a wfa.log file.

  • Questions and support requests for the following must be directed to the WFA community:

    • Any content downloaded from the WFA community

    • Custom WFA content that you have created

    • WFA content that you have modified