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OnCommand Workflow Automation 5.0
A newer release of this product is available.

Create workflow help content


OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) admins and architects who design workflows can create help content for the workflows and include it in the workflow.

What you'll need

You must be aware of how to create web pages using HTML.

About this task

The help should provide information about the workflow and the user inputs for the workflow to the storage operator who executes the workflow.

  1. Create a folder with the following name: workflow-help.

  2. Author the help content using an HTML editor or a text editor and save it as an index.htm file in the workflow-help folder.

    You must not include JavaScript files as part of the help content. The following are the supported file extensions:

    • .jpg

    • .jpeg

    • .gif

    • .png

    • .xml

    • .thmx

    • .htm

    • .html

    • .css

      You can also include the Thumbs.db file, which is created by Windows.

  3. Verify that the index.htm file and other files associated with the help content, such as images, are available in the workflow-help folder.

  4. Create a .zip file of the folder and ensure that the size of the .zip file is not more than 2 MB.


    Create an NFS

  5. Edit the workflow for which you have created the help content, and then click Setup > Help Content > Browse to upload the .zip file.