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OnCommand Workflow Automation 5.0
A newer release of this product is available.

Customize predefined workflows


You can customize a predefined Workflow Automation (WFA) workflow if there is no predefined workflow that is suitable for your requirement.

What you'll need

You must have identified the required modifications for the predefined workflow.

About this task

Questions and support request for the following must be directed to the WFA community:

  • Any content downloaded from the WFA community

  • Custom WFA content that you have created

  • WFA content that you have modified

  1. Click Designer > Workflows.

  2. Select the predefined workflow that closely matches your requirement, and then click Clone icon on the toolbar.

  3. In the workflow designer, make the required changes in the appropriate tabs, such as editing the description, adding or deleting a command, modifying the command details, and modifying the user input.

  4. Click Preview, enter the required user inputs to preview the workflow execution, and then click Preview to view the planning details of the workflow.

  5. Click OK to close the preview window.

  6. Click Save.

After you finish

You can test the workflow that you modified in your test environment, and then mark the workflow as ready for production.