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OnCommand Workflow Automation 5.1

Configure MSCS to install Workflow Automation


Before you install Workflow Automation (WFA) in Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS), you must configure your MSCS environment.

  • MSCS must be installed from the server manager.

  • Optional: SnapDrive for Windows must be installed.

    The minimum supported version is Windows 2012.

  • The same version of WFA must be installed using the same path on both the cluster nodes.

  • Both the cluster nodes must be added to the same domain.

You must complete this task by using Cluster Manager in the MSCS interface.

  1. Log in to Cluster Manager as a domain admin.

  2. Verify that the LUNs are accessible to both the nodes using one of the following options:

    • Managing the LUNs natively.

    • By using SnapDrive for Windows:

      1. Install and configure SnapDrive for Windows on both the nodes.

      2. Create a LUN using SnapDrive for Windows and configure the LUN for both the nodes.

  3. From Failover Cluster Manager, add the disk to the cluster.