Access File Analytics

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File Analytics provides a graphical view of scan results.

XCP File Analytics GUI provides a dashboard with graphs for visualizing File Analytics.
The XCP File Analytics GUI is enabled when you configure XCP on a Linux machine.

Note To check the supported browsers for accessing File Analytics, see the NetApp IMT.
  1. Use the link https://<IP address of linux machine>/xcp to access the File Analytics GUI.
    When prompted, accept the security certificate:

    1. Select Advanced below the privacy statement.

    2. Select the proceed to <IP address of linux machine> link.

  2. Log in to the GUI using the username “admin” and the password you set during configuration

    XCP File Analytics sign in screen

  3. On login, you can see that the NFS agent is added: a green tick is present showing minimal system configuration of the Linux system and XCP version.

  4. If you have configured an SMB agent, you can see the SMB agent added in the same agent card.