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Configure the INI file

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Steps to configure the INI file for XCP.

Configure the INI file for a root user

You can use the following procedure to configure the INI file for an XCP NFS root user.

  1. Add the catalog location for the XCP server in the host configuration file by using the vi editor:

    Note Catalog location should be exported before modifying the details in the xcp.ini XCP configuration file. Catalog location (NFSv3) should be mountable by the XCP Linux host but not necessarily be mounted.
    [root@localhost /]# vi /opt/NetApp/xFiles/xcp/xcp.ini
  2. Verify that the XCP Linux client host configuration file entries for the catalog were modified:

    [root@localhost /]# cat /opt/NetApp/xFiles/xcp/xcp.ini
    # Sample xcp config
    catalog =

Configure the INI file for a non-root user

As a non-root user, you do not have permission to mount the NFS file system. A root user is required to first mount the catalog volume and then, as a non-root user running XCP, if you have read/write permission to the catalog volume, you can access the mounted catalog volume by using a POSIX connector. After the volume is mounted, you can add catalog the path:

(t/ – This is the path where catalog volume is mounted)as follows.

[user1@scspr2474004001 xcp]$ ls -ltr
total 8
drwxrwxr-x 2 user1 user1  21 Sep 20 02:04 xcplogs
-rw-rw-r-- 1 user1 user1  71 Sep 20 02:04 xcp.ini
-rwxr-xr-x 1 user1 user1 352 Sep 20 02:10 license
[user1@scspr2474004001 xcp]$ cat /home/user1/NetApp/xFiles/xcp/xcp.ini

Sample xcp config [xcp]
catalog = file:///t/