Install File Analytics for NFS

Install or upgrade File Analytics for NFS.

For system requirements for NFS, see Install XCP NFS.
The script installs and enables default configurations of HTTPD and PostgreSQL available for Linux server. You can change or update to a more recent version as needed and to adhere to security guidelines.

Before you begin
  • You cannot run the XCP application and XCP as service simultaneously on the same host. If any XCP operations are running, complete the operations before you start configuration.

  • Your Linux machine must be connected to the Yum repository server or the internet.

  • If a firewall is configured on the Linux machine, you must change the firewall settings to enable the ports used by XCP, the XCP service, and the services used by XCP File Analytics. For more information, go to Ports used by XCP.

  1. Go to your XCP folder and run the ./ script.
    The script takes three to ten minutes to configure the Linux machine and complete the following tasks:

    1. Download PostgreSQL packages

    2. Install the PostgreSQL server

    3. Install the HTTPD

    4. Use the open SSL to create a self-signed certificate (server.key and server.crt)

    5. Create the XCP File Analytics database

  2. Select option 1 Configure client system from the XCP configuration menu.

  3. For a new install, update the password for the administrator and database users.
    For an upgrade, you are prompted to stop the XCP service. When done, select option 0.

  4. Start the XCP service.
    Use the following command to check if the XCP service is running:
    service xcp status

  5. Launch File Analytics in the browser: https://<ip address of linux>/xcp.