Install XCP

Install XCP.

Install and configure workflow

This document provides an easy workflow for installing and setting up XCP on NFS and SMB systems.

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Download XCP

Download XCP from the NetApp support site and obtain a license from the XCP site.

You can download XCP from the NetApp Support site.

License XCP

NetApp offers a free 90-day XCP license. You can obtain the license file from the XCP site. The licensing portal offers different licensing options. After 90 days you can renew the license for another 90 days using the same portal.

The XCP license is available as an offline or online license. If you want to send migration statistics use an online license. The online license requires an internet connection. The offline license does not require an internet connection.

Prepare your system

If you are using XCP NFS on a Linux system, you must prepare catalog and storage.

If you are using XCP SMB on a Microsoft Windows system, you must prepare storage.