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Plan NFS data migration

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Plan your NFS data migrations.


The show command queries the RPC services and NFS exports of one or more storage servers. The command lists the available services and exports with the used and free capacity of each export, followed by the root attributes of each export.


  • xcp show <NFS file server IP/FQDN>

  • xcp show

Run xcp help show for more details.


The scan command recursively scans the entire source NFSv3 exported paths and prints the statistics of file structure at the end of the scan. NetApp recommends putting the source NFS export mounts in read-only mode during the scan operation.

Note If a file or directory name contains non-UTF-8 characters, these characters are converted to the UTF-8 format and displayed when you run the xcp-scan command. Depending on the translation from the source encoding to UTF-8, the characters might not display as expected.


  • xcp scan NFS [server:/export path | file:// ]

  • xcp scan

  • xcp scan file:///mnt/nfs-source

Run xcp help scan for more details.

Optionally, use File Analytics to view the results graphically.