Troubleshoot XCP NFS errors

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XCP issue Solution

xcp: ERROR: must run as root

Execute XCP commands as root user

xcp: ERROR: License file /opt/NetApp/xFiles/xcp/license not found.

Download the license from and copy to /opt/NetApp/xFiles/xcp/

xcp: ERROR: This license has expired

Renew or obtain the new XCP license from

xcp: ERROR: License unreadable

License file might be corrupted. Obtain the new XCP license from

xcp: ERROR: XCP not activated,
run 'activate' first

Run the xcp activate command

This copy is not licensed

Obtain the appropriate XCP license file. Copy the XCP license to the /opt/NetApp/xFiles/xcp/ directory on the XCP server. Run the xcp activate command to activate the license.

xcp: ERROR: Failed to activate license: Server unreachable

You are trying to activate the online license and your host system is not connected to internet. Make sure your system is connected internet.

xcp: ERROR: Failed to activate license: Server unreachable
xcp: HINT: Configure DNS on this host or return to the license page to request a private license
Expected error: Failed to activate license: Server unreachable

Make sure is reachable from your host or request for the offline license

xcp: ERROR: Catalog inaccessible: Cannot mount nfs_server:/export[:subdirectory]

Open the editor on the XCP Linux client host and update the configuration file with the proper catalog location. The XCP configuration file is located at /opt/NetApp/xFiles/xcp/xcp.ini. Sample entries of configuration file:

[root@scspr1949387001 ~]# cat /opt/NetApp/xFiles/xcp/xcp.ini # Sample xcp config [xcp] catalog =

nfs3 error 2: no such file or directory

Operation did not find the source file(s) on the target NFS export. Run the xcp sync command to copy the incremental updates from source to destination

xcp: ERROR: Empty or invalid index

Previous copy operation was interrupted before indexing the files. Rerun xcp copy with the new index and make sure the system returns “indexed” before interrupting copy

xcp: ERROR: compare batches: child process failed (exit code -9): recv <type 'exceptions.EOFError'>

Follow the instructions in the following KB article: Cannot allocate memory when synching NFS data

xcp: ERROR: For xcp to process ACLs, please mount <path> using the OS nfs4 client

Mount the source/target on the XCP host