Storage Tiers window

You can use the Storage Tiers window to view cluster-wide space details; view aggregate details; and view external capacity tier details.

The Internal Tier panel, or the Performance Tier panel if the cluster has all flash (all SSD) aggregates, displays cluster-wide space details such as sum of the total sizes of all the aggregates, space used by the aggregates in the cluster, and available space in the cluster.

The External Capacity Tier panel displays total licensed external capacity tiers in the cluster, licensed space that is used in the cluster, and licensed space that is available in the cluster. It also displays the unlicensed external capacity that is used.

Aggregates are grouped by type and the aggregate panel displays details about the total aggregate space, space used, and the available space. You can select the aggregate and perform the aggregate related actions.

You can also create, edit, view, and delete external capacity tier details.

Command buttons

Add Aggregate
Enables you to create an aggregate.
Provides the following options:
Change status to
Changes the status of the selected aggregate to one of the following status:
  • Online

    Read and write access to volumes contained in this aggregate is allowed.

  • Offline

    Some operations—such as parity reconstruction—are allowed, but data access is not allowed.

  • Restrict

    No read or write access is allowed.

Add Capacity
Enables you to add capacity (HDDs or SSDs) to existing aggregates.
Add Cache
Enables you to add cache disks (SSDs) to existing HDD aggregates or Flash Pool aggregates.
You cannot add cache to FabricPool.

This button is not available for a cluster containing nodes with All Flash Optimized personality.

Enables you to mirror the aggregates.
Volume Move
Enables you to move a FlexVol volume.
Attach External Capacity Tier
Enables you to attach an external capacity tier to the aggregate.
Add External Capacity Tier
Enables you to add an external capacity tier and attach aggregates to the external capacity tier.

Details area

You can click the aggregate name to view detailed information about the aggregate.
Overview tab
Displays detailed information about the selected aggregate, and displays a pictorial representation of the space allocation of the aggregate, the space savings of the aggregate, and the performance of the aggregate .
Disk Information tab
Displays disk layout information for the selected aggregate.
Volumes tab
Displays details about the total number of volumes on the aggregate, total aggregate space, and the space committed to the aggregate. The total committed space is the sum of the total size of all the volumes (online and offline) and the Snapshot reserve space of the online volumes.
Performance tab
Displays graphs that show the performance metrics of the aggregates, including total transfers, IOPS, and write workload impact. Performance metrics data for read, write, and total transfers is displayed, and the data for SSDs and HDDs is recorded separately. Performance metrics data for the impact of write workload to nvlog and dirty buffer is also displayed.

Changing the client time zone or the cluster time zone impacts the performance metrics graphs. You must refresh your browser to see the updated graphs.