SVM Dashboard window

The dashboard provides a cumulative at-a-glance information about your SVM and its performance. You can use the Dashboard window to view important information related to your SVM such as the protocols configured, the volumes that are nearing capacity, and the performance.

SVM Details

This window displays details about the SVM through various panels such as the protocol status, volumes nearing capacity, and SVM performance.

Protocol Status

Provides an overview of the protocols that are configured for the SVM. You can click the protocol name to view the configuration.

If a protocol is not configured or if a protocol license is not available for the SVM, you can click the protocol name to configure the protocol or add the protocol license.

Volumes Nearing Capacity
Displays information about the volumes that are nearing a capacity utilization of 80 percent or more, and therefore require immediate attention or corrective action.

Displays information about the top five applications of the SVM. You can view the top five applications based on capacity, from low to high or high to low. You must click the specific bar chart to view more information about the application. You can click View details to open the Applications window of the specific application. You can click View all applications to view all the applications for the SVM.

The refresh interval for this panel is one minute.

SVM Performance

Displays the performance metrics of the protocols in the SVM, including latency and IOPS.

If the information about the SVM performance cannot be retrieved from Data ONTAP, you cannot view the respective graph. In such cases, System Manager displays the specific error message.

The refresh interval for this panel is 15 seconds.