Cloud Tier window

You can use System Manager to add, edit, and delete cloud tiers and to view cloud tier details.

The Cloud Tier panel displays the total number of licensed cloud tiers in the cluster, the licensed space that is used in the cluster, and the licensed space that is available in the cluster. The Cloud Tier panel also displays the unlicensed cloud capacity that is used.

Command buttons

Enables you to add a cloud tier.
Attach Aggregates
Enables you to attach aggregates to a cloud tier.
Enables you to delete a selected cloud tier.

Enables you to modify the properties of a selected cloud tier.

Details area

You can view detailed information about cloud tiers such as the list of cloud tiers, the details of the object stores, the aggregates used, and the used capacity.

If you create a cloud tier other than StorageGRID, Amazon AWS S3, AWS Commercial Cloud Service (C2S), IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure Blob storage by using the command-line interface (CLI), this cloud tier is displayed as Others in System Manager. You can then attach aggregates to this cloud tier.