Changing the RAID configuration when creating an aggregate

While creating a new aggregate, you can modify the default values of the RAID type and RAID group size options of the aggregate by using System Manager.

About this task

If the disk type of the aggregate disks is FSAS or MSATA, and the disk size is equal to or larger than 10 TB, then RAID-TEC is the only option available for RAID type.


  1. Choose one of the following methods:
    • Click the Storage Tiers tab.
    • Click Hardware and Diagnostics > Aggregates.
  2. In the Storage Tiers window, click Add Aggregate.
  3. In the Create Aggregate dialog box, perform the following steps:
    1. Click Change.
    2. In the Change RAID Configuration dialog box, specify the RAID type and RAID group size.
      RAID-DP is the only supported RAID type for shared disks.

      The recommended RAID group size is 12 disks through 20 disks for HDDs, and 20 disks through 28 disks for SSDs.

    3. Click Save.