Setting up a network when an IP address range is disabled

You can set up a network by disabling an IP address range and entering individual IP addresses for cluster management, node management, and service provider networks.

About this task

In the Networks page, if the IP Address Range is disabled, enter individual IP addresses for cluster management, node management, and service processor networks.


  1. Enter the cluster management IP address in the Cluster Management IP Address field.
  2. Enter the netmask details for cluster management.
  3. Optional: Enter the gateway details for cluster management.
  4. Select the port for cluster management in the Port field.
  5. If you want to provide netmask and gateway details to manage your nodes, clear the Retain Netmask and Gateway configuration of the Cluster Management check box, and then enter the netmask and gateway details.
  6. Enter the node management IP addresses in the Node Management field.
  7. If the Port field in the node management is not populated with e0M, enter the port details.
    Note: By default, the Port field displays e0M.
  8. Enter the Service Processor management netmask and gateway details.
  9. Enter the Service Processor IP management addresses in the Service Processor Management field.
  10. If you have enabled the DNS Details field, enter the DNS server details.
  11. If you have enabled the NTP Details field, enter the NTP server details.
    Note: Providing alternative NTP server details is optional.
  12. Click Submit.

After you finish

Enter AutoSupport message details and event notifications in the Support page to continue with the cluster setup.