Creating a mirror relationship from a source SVM

You can use System Manager to create a mirror relationship from the source storage virtual machine (SVM), and to assign a mirror policy and schedule to the mirror relationship. The mirror copy enables quick availability of data if the data on the source volume is corrupted or lost.

Before you begin

About this task


  1. Click Storage > Volumes.
  2. From the Volumes on SVM list, select All SVMs.
  3. Select the volumes for which you want to create mirror relationships, and then click More Actions > Protect.
    The Protect option is available only for a read/write volume.
  4. Select Mirror from the Volume Relationship Type list.
  5. Specify the cluster and the SVM, and then enter a name suffix for the destination volume.
    If the specified cluster is running a version of ONTAP software earlier than ONTAP 9.3, then only peered SVMs are listed. If the specified cluster is running ONTAP 9.3 or later, peered SVMs and permitted SVMs are listed.
  6. Optional: Click , update the protection policy and protection schedule, select FabricPool-enabled aggregate, and then initialize the protection relationship.
  7. Click Save.


A new destination volume of type dp is created with the following default settings:

If the destination FlexVol volume is on a different SVM than the source FlexVol volume, then a peer relationship is created between the two SVMs if the relationship does not already exist.

A mirror relationship is created between the source volume and the destination volume. The base Snapshot copy is transferred to the destination volume if you have opted to initialize the relationship.