Adding applications to System Manager

You can use the Enhanced tab to add general applications, databases, and virtual servers to System Manager.

About this task

The following procedure describes how to add a Microsoft SQL Server instance to System Manager.


  1. Click Applications & Tiers > Applications
  2. In the Enhanced tab, click Add
  3. Select an application type from the menu.
    Note: The dropdown list includes a list of all available application types and template types.
    The Add Microsoft SQL Server Instance window is displayed.
  4. Specify the following details:
    • Database name
    • Database size and the required ONTAP service level
    • Number of server cores
    • Log size and the required ONTAP service level
    • Tempdb

      Specify if the server should be provisioned for Tempdb

    • Host operating system
    • LUN format
    • Host mapping
  5. Click Add Application


The Microsoft SQL Server instance is added to System Manager.