Adding a cloud tier

You can use System Manager to add a cloud tier to an SSD aggregate or a VMDISK aggregate. Cloud tiers provide storage for infrequently used data.

Before you begin

About this task

The supported object stores that can be used as cloud tiers are StorageGRID, Amazon AWS S3, AWS Commercial Cloud Service (C2S), IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure Blob storage.
  • Azure Stack, which is an on-premises Azure services, is not supported.
  • If you want to use Amazon AWS S3 or Microsoft Azure Blob storage as a cloud tier, you must have the FabricPool capacity license.


  1. Click Storage > Aggregates & Disks > Cloud Tier.
  2. Click Add Cloud Tier.
    The Add Cloud Tier window is displayed.
  3. Specify the server name that hosts the cloud tier, the port to access the cloud tier, the access key ID of the cloud tier, the secret key of the cloud tier, and the container name.
    If you have selected AWS Commercial Cloud Service (C2S) as the type, you must specify the CAP URL, server CA certificates, and client certificates.
  4. Enable the SSL option if you want to transfer the data securely to the cloud tier.
  5. If you want to add a cloud tier for StorageGRID, enable the Object Store Certificate option, copy the contents of the certificate, and then paste the certificate contents in the signed certification.
  6. From the IPspace list, select the IPspace that is used to connect to the cloud tier.
  7. Click Save to save the cloud tier.
  8. Click Save and Attach Aggregates to save the cloud tier and to attach aggregates to the cloud tier.