Creating SVM relationships

You can use System Manager to create SVM relationships to transfer data from the source SVM to the destination SVM. Creating an SVM relationship helps in recovering from a disaster as data is available on the source SVM and on the destination SVM.

Before you begin


  1. Click Protection > SVM Relationship > Create.
  2. Select the SVM relationship type from the SVM Relationship Type list.
  3. From the Source Storage Virtual Machine pane, select the cluster and the SVM.
  4. Optional: To view SVMs that do not have the required permissions, click Navigate to the source cluster, and then provide the required permissions.
  5. From the Destination Storage Virtual Machine pane, specify the name of the SVM that will be created on the destination cluster.
  6. Select the option to copy the source SVM configuration.
  7. Optional: Click , update the protection policy and protection schedule, select aggregate, and then initialize the protection relationship.
  8. Click Save to create the SVM relationship.
    The SVM Relationships: Summary window is displayed.
  9. Click Done to complete the process.