SnapMirror licensing

A SnapMirror license is required on both the source and destination clusters, with limited exceptions as defined below. A SnapVault license is not required if a SnapMirror license is already installed.

DP_Optimized (DPO) license

Starting with ONTAP 9.3, a new DP_Optimized (DPO) license is available that supports an increased number of volumes and peer relationships. A SnapMirror license is still required on both the source and destination.

On the following platforms, a DPO license is required only on the destination cluster. Otherwise, it is required on both the source and destination:

SnapMirror license exceptions for DPO destinations

Starting with ONTAP 9.3, the following platforms do not need a SnapMirror license on the source when the destination has a DPO license:

SnapMirror Synchronous license

Starting with ONTAP 9.5, SnapMirror Synchronous relationships are supported. You require the following licenses for creating a SnapMirror Synchronous relationship: