Example 1: Verifying rules when simulating a proposed ILM policy

This example shows how to verify rules when simulating a proposed policy.

About this task

In this example, the Example ILM policy is being simulated against the ingested objects in two buckets. The policy includes three rules, as follows:

  • The first rule, Two copies, two years for bucket-a, applies only to objects in bucket-a.
  • The second rule, EC objects > 1 MB, applies to all buckets but filters on objects greater than 1 MB.
  • The third rule is the default rule and does not include any filters.

Saved Policy for Simulation


  1. After adding the rules and saving the policy, click Simulate.
    The Simulate ILM Policy dialog box appears.
  2. In the Object field, enter the S3 bucket/object-key or the Swift container/object-name for a test object, and click Simulate.
    The Simulation Results appear, showing which rule in the policy matched each object you tested.
    Simulate Policy Screen
  3. Confirm that each object was matched by the correct rule.
    In this example:
    1. bucket-a/bucket-a object.pdf correctly matched the first rule, which filters on objects in bucket-a.
    2. bucket-b/test object greater than 1 MB.pdf is in bucket-b, so it did not match the first rule. Instead, it was correctly matched by the second rule, which filters on objects greater than 1 MB.
    3. bucket-b/test object less than 1 MB.pdf did not match the filters in the first two rules, so it will be placed by the default rule, which includes no filters.