Logs for third-party software

You can use the third-party software logs to troubleshoot issues.

Category File name Notes Found on
apache2 logs /var/local/log/apache2/access.log



Log files for apache2. Admin Nodes
Archiving /var/local/log/dsierror.log Error information for TSM Client APIs. Archive Nodes
MySQL /var/local/log/mysql.err


Log files generated by MySQL.

The file mysql.err captures database errors and events such as startups and shutdowns.

The file mysql-slow.log (the slow query log) captures the SQL statements that took more than 10 seconds to execute.

Admin Nodes
Operating system /var/local/log/messages This directory contains log files for the operating system. The errors contained in these logs are also displayed in the Grid Manager. Select Support > Tools > Grid Topology. Then select Topology > Site > Node > SSM > Events. All nodes
NTP /var/local/log/ntp.log Log file for NTP error messages. All nodes

The directory that contains NTP timing statistics.

loopstats records loop filter statistics information.

peerstats records peer statistics information.

Samba /var/local/log/samba/ The Samba log directory includes a log file for each Samba process (smb, nmb, and winbind) and every client hostname/IP. Admin Node configured to export the audit share over CIFS