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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.12
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What resource pools are

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Resource pools are groups of aggregates that are created by a storage administrator using Unified Manager to provide provisioning to partner applications for backup management.

You might pool your resources based on attributes such as performance, cost, physical location, or availability. By grouping related resources into a pool, you can treat the pool as a single unit for monitoring and provisioning. This simplifies the management of these resources and allows for a more flexible and efficient use of the storage.

During secondary storage provisioning, Unified Manager determines the most suitable aggregate in the resource pool for protection using the following criteria:

  • The aggregate is a data aggregate (not a root aggregate) and it is ONLINE.

  • The aggregate is on a destination cluster node whose ONTAP version is the same or greater than the source cluster major version.

  • The aggregate has the largest available space of all the aggregates in the resource pool.

  • After provisioning the destination volume, the aggregate space is within the nearly-full and nearly overcommitted threshold defined for the aggregate (global or local threshold, whichever is applicable).

  • The number of FlexVol volumes on the destination node must not exceed the platform limit.