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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.12
A newer release of this product is available.

Initializing or updating protection relationships from the Volume Relationships page

Contributors netapp-shwetav

From the Volume Relationships page, you can perform a first-time baseline transfer on a new protection relationship, or update a relationship if it is already initialized and you want to perform a manual, unscheduled incremental update to transfer immediately.

Note You cannot initialize or update volumes protected by Consistency Groups.

What you'll need

  • You must have the Application Administrator or Storage Administrator role.

  • You must have set up OnCommand Workflow Automation.

  1. From the Volume Relationships page, right-click a volume and select one or more volumes with relationships that you want to update or initialize, and then, on the toolbar, click Initialize/Update.

    The Initialize/Update dialog box is displayed.

  2. In the Transfer Options tab, select a transfer priority and the maximum transfer rate.

  3. Click Source Snapshot Copies; then, in the Snapshot Copy column, click Default.

    The Select Source Snapshot Copy dialog box is displayed.

  4. If you want to specify an existing Snapshot copy rather than transferring the default Snapshot copy, click Existing Snapshot Copy and select a Snapshot copy from the list.

  5. Click Submit.

    You are returned to the Initialize/Update dialog box.

  6. If you selected more than one source to initialize or update, click Default for the next source for which you want to specify an existing Snapshot copy.

  7. Click Submit to begin the initialization or update job.

    The initialization or update job is started, you are returned to the Volume Relationships page, and a jobs link is displayed at the top of the page.

  8. Optional: Click View Jobs on the Health: All Volumes view to track the status of each initialization or update job.

    A filtered list of jobs is displayed.

  9. Optional: Click each job to see its details.

  10. Optional: Click the Back arrow on your browser to return to the Volume Relationships page.

    The initialization or update operation is finished when all tasks successfully finish.