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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.7
A newer release of this product is available.

Resolving a protection job failure


This workflow provides an example of how you might identify and resolve a protection job failure from the Unified Manager dashboard.

Before you begin

Because some tasks in this workflow require that you log in using the Administrator role, you must be familiar with the roles required to use various functionality.

About this task

In this scenario, you access the Dashboard page to see if there are any issues with your protection jobs. In the Protection Incident area, you notice that there is a Job Terminated incident, showing a Protection Job Failed error on a volume. You investigate this error to determine the possible cause and potential resolution.


  1. In the Protection Incidents panel of the Dashboard Unresolved Incidents and Risks area, you click the Protection job failed event.


    The linked text for the event is written in the form object_name:/object_name - Error Name, such as cluster2_src_svm:/cluster2_src_vol2 - Protection Job Failed.

    The Event details page for the failed protection job displays.

  2. Review the error message in the Cause field of the Summary area to determine the problem and evaluate potential corrective actions.