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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.7
A newer release of this product is available.

Performance/LUN Explorer page


The Performance/LUN Explorer page provides a detailed overview of the performance of all the LUNs within a cluster.

The Performance/LUN Explorer page enables you to track and compare LUN performance during a specific time period, which helps you to troubleshoot and fine-tune the performance of your LUNs.

Using the View and Compare functionality you can compare the performance of this LUN with:

  • other LUNs that are on the same volume

  • other LUNs that are in the same QoS policy group

  • the volume on which the LUN resides

The statistics in the charts are updated after each collection period; which by default is every 5 minutes. The View statistics in selector provides an option to show statistics averaged over the previous hour. This functionality enables you to view the latency chart in support of the NetApp “Performance Guarantee” program.

The Performance/LUN Explorer page enables you to:

  • View threshold-related issues and their details

  • Track and compare LUN performance data

  • Investigate and troubleshoot threshold-related issues

  • Investigate and troubleshoot performance issues