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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.7
A newer release of this product is available.

Performance/Aggregate Information page


Use the Performance/Aggregate Information page to view a list of the physical and logical attributes of the aggregate. This information might help in answering performance-related questions.

Aggregate attributes

  • Type

    The type of aggregate:

    • HDD

    • Hybrid

      Combines HDDs and SSDs, but Flash Pool has not been enabled.

    • Hybrid (Flash Pool)

      Combines HDDs and SSDs, and Flash Pool has been enabled.

    • SSD

    • SSD (FabricPool)

      Combines SSDs and a cloud tier

    • VMDisk (SDS)

      Virtual disks within a virtual machine

    • VMDisk (FabricPool)

      Combines virtual disks and a cloud tier

    • LUN (FlexArray)

  • Cluster

    The name of the cluster to which the aggregate belongs. You can click the name to display cluster details in the Performance/Cluster Explorer page.

  • Node

    The name of the node to which the disks of the aggregate belong. You can click the name to display node details in the Performance/Node Explorer page.

  • Flash Pool

    Whether this is a Flash Pool aggregate: Yes or No.

    A Flash Pool aggregate is a hybrid aggregate that consists of both SSDs and HDDs.

  • FabricPool

    Whether this is a FabricPool aggregate: Yes or No.

    A FabricPool aggregate is an aggregate that consists of both SSDs and a cloud tier.

  • Inactive Data Reporting

    Whether the inactive data reporting capability is enabled or disabled on this aggregate. When enabled, volumes on this aggregate display the amount of cold data in the Performance/Volumes inventory page.

    The value in this field is “N/A” when the version of ONTAP does not support inactive data reporting.

  • Logical Space Used

    The real size of the data that is being stored on this aggregate without applying the savings from using ONTAP storage efficiency technologies.