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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.7
A newer release of this product is available.

HTTPS Certificate page


The HTTPS Certificate page enables you to view the current security certificate, download a certificate signing request, generate a new HTTPS certificate, or install a new HTTPS certificate.

If you have not generated a new HTTPS certificate, the certificate that appears on this page is the certificate that was generated during installation.

Command buttons

The command buttons enable you to perform the following operations:

  • Download HTTPS Certificate Signing Request

    Downloads a certification request for the currently installed HTTPS certificate. Your browser prompts you to save the <hostname>.csr file so that you can provide the file to a Certificate Authority to sign.

  • Install HTTPS Certificate

    Enables you to upload and install a security certificate after a Certificate Authority has signed and returned it. The new certificate is in effect after you restart the management server.

  • Regenerate HTTPS Certificate

    Enables you to generate an HTTPS certificate, which replaces the current security certificate. The new certificate is in effect after you restart Unified Manager.