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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.7
A newer release of this product is available.

Relationship: Last 1 month Transfer Status view


The Relationship: Last 1 month Transfer Status view enables you to analyze the volume transfer trends over a period of time for volumes in asynchronous relationships. This page also displays whether the volume transfer was a success or a failure.

The controls along the top of the page enable you to select a particular view (for health, performance, capacity, and so on), perform searches to locate specific objects, create and apply filters to narrow the list of displayed data, add/remove/reorder columns on the page, and export the data on the page to a .csv or .pdf document. After you have customized the page, you can save the results as a custom view and then schedule a report of this data to be generated and emailed on a regular basis.

  • Source Volume

    Displays the source volume name.

  • Destination Volume

    Displays the destination volume name.

  • Operation Type

    Displays the type of volume transfer.

  • Operation Result

    Displays whether volume transfer was successful.

  • Transfer Start Time

    Displays the volume transfer start time.

  • Transfer End Time

    Displays the volume transfer end time.

  • Transfer Duration

    Displays the time taken (in hours) to complete the volume transfer.

  • Transfer Size

    Displays the size (in MB) of the transferred volume.

  • Source SVM

    Displays the storage virtual machine (SVM) name.

  • Source Cluster

    Displays the source cluster name.

  • Destination SVM

    Displays the destination SVM name.

  • Destination Cluster

    Displays the destination cluster name.