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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.7
A newer release of this product is available.

Report Schedules page


The Report Schedules page enables you to view detailed information about the reports that you have created and the schedule at which they are generated. You can search for a specific report, modify certain attributes of a report schedule, and delete a report schedule.

The Report Schedules page displays the list of reports that have been created on the system.

  • Schedule Name

    The name of the scheduled report. Initially this name includes the View name and the frequency. You can change this name to better reflect the report contents.

  • View

    The View that was used to create the report.

  • Recipients

    The email addresses of users who will receive the generated report. Each email address must be separated by a comma.

  • Frequency

    How frequently the report is generated and sent to the recipients.

  • Format

    Whether the report is generated as a PDF file or in CSV format.

  • Action

    Options available to edit or delete the report schedule.