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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.8
A newer release of this product is available.

Sending on-demand AutoSupport messages


You can send Unified Manager system information to technical support for assistance with troubleshooting issues. The AutoSupport message contains diagnostic system information and detailed data about the Unified Manager server.

Before you begin

You must be logged in as the maintenance user.


  1. In the left navigation pane, click General > AutoSupport.

  2. Perform one or both of the following actions:

    If you want to send the AutoSupport message to…​ Do this…​

    Technical support

    Select the Send to Technical Support check box.

    A specific email recipient

    Select the Send to Email Recipient check box, and enter the email address of the recipient.

  3. If required, define the name, port, and authentication information for the HTTP proxy server, and click Save.

  4. Click Generate and Send AutoSupport.