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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.9
A newer release of this product is available.

Cluster capacity fields


The following fields are available in the Capacity: All Clusters view and can be used in custom views and in reports.

  • Cluster

    The cluster name. You can click the cluster name to navigate to that cluster's capacity details page.

  • Cluster FQDN

    The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the cluster.

  • HA Pair

    The HA pair value obtained by forming two nodes.

  • Total Raw Capacity

    Displays the total physical capacity of all disks in the array.

  • Unconfigured Raw Capacity

    The unconfigured capacity of disks whose container type is other than aggregate, broken, spare, or shared. This capacity is always higher than the physical capacity of the disk in ONTAP. For example, consider a 2 TB disk. The physical capacity of the disk is 1.6 TB in ONTAP whereas the unconfigured raw capacity in Unified Manager is 1.8 TB.

  • Aggregate Total Capacity

    The total size of the available aggregates for the user. This includes the Snapshot copy reserve.

  • Aggregate Used Capacity

    The capacity already in use on aggregates. This includes the capacity consumed by volumes, LUNs, and other storage efficiency technology overheads.

  • Aggregate Unused Capacity

    The capacity that might be available for storing additional data on the aggregate. This includes the Snapshot copy reserve.

  • Logical Space Used

    The real size of the data that is being stored on all aggregates on this cluster without applying the savings from using ONTAP storage efficiency technologies.

  • Data Reduction

    The data reduction ratio based on configured ONTAP storage efficiency settings.

  • Allocated LUN Capacity

    The capacity of LUNs that are mapped.

  • Unallocated LUN Capacity

    The capacity of all LUNs not mapped to the Host.

  • Volume Total Capacity

    The total capacity of the volumes (used plus unused).

  • Volume Used Capacity

    The used capacity of the volumes.

  • Volume Unused Capacity

    The unused capacity of the volumes.

  • Volume Protection Capacity

    The capacity of volumes that have SnapMirror and SnapVault enabled.

  • Cloud Tier Used (Licensed)

    The space used by data in the cloud tier for storage providers that require a FabricPool license.

  • Cloud Tier Used (Others)

    The space used by data in the cloud tier for StorageGRID systems and ONTAP S3 protocol stores that do not require a FabricPool license.

  • Model/Family

    The model or family name of the cluster.

  • OS Version

    The version of ONTAP installed on the system.

  • Contact

    The contact information of the cluster.

  • Location

    The location of the cluster.