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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.14

System Configuration menu

Contributors netapp-manini

The System Configuration menu enables you to manage your virtual appliance by providing various options, such as viewing the server status, and rebooting and shutting down the virtual machine.


When Unified Manager is installed on a Linux or Microsoft Windows system, only the “Restore from a Unified Manager Backup” option is available from this menu.

The following menu choices are available:

  • Display Server Status

    Displays the current server status. Status options include Running and Not Running.

    If the server is not running, you might need to contact technical support.

  • Reboot Virtual Machine

    Reboots the virtual machine, stopping all services. After rebooting, the virtual machine and services restart.

  • Shut Down Virtual Machine

    Shuts down the virtual machine, stopping all services.

    You can select this option only from the virtual machine console.

  • Change <logged in user> User Password

    Changes the password of the user that is currently logged in, which can only be the maintenance user.

  • Increase Data Disk Size

    Increases the size of the data disk (disk 3) in the virtual machine.

  • Increase Swap Disk Size

    Increases the size of the swap disk (disk 2) in the virtual machine.

  • Change Time Zone

    Changes the time zone to your location.

  • Change NTP Server

    Changes the NTP Server settings, such as IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

  • Change NTP Service

    Switches between the ntp and systemd-timesyncd services.

  • Restore from a Unified Manager Backup

    Restores the Unified Manager database and configuration settings from a previously backed up version.

  • Reset Server Certificate

    Resets the server security certificate.

  • Change hostname

    Changes the name of the host on which the virtual appliance is installed.

  • Back

    Exits the System Configuration menu and returns to the Main Menu.

  • Exit

    Exits the maintenance console menu.