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Overview of the features and benefits

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Astra Control Center and Astra Control Service provide a common REST API that you can access directly through a programming language or utility such as Curl. The major highlights and benefits of the API are presented below.

Note To access the REST API, you need to first sign in to the Astra web user interface and generate an API token. You must include the token with each API request.
Built on REST technology

The Astra Control API has been created using REST technology and current best practices. The core technology includes HTTP, JSON, and RBAC.

Support for the two Astra Control deployment models

Astra Control Service is used within the public cloud environment while Astra Control Center is for your on-premises deployments. There is one REST API supporting both of these deployment models.

Clear mapping between REST endpoint resources and object model

The external REST endpoints used to access the resources map to a consistent object model maintained internally by the Astra service. The object model is designed using entity-relationship (ER) modeling which helps to clearly define the API actions and responses.

Rich set of query parameters

The REST API provides a rich set of query parameters that you can use to access the resources collections. Some of the supported operations include filtering, sorting, and pagination.

Alignment with the Astra Control web UI

The design of the Astra web user interface is aligned with the REST API and so there is consistency between the two access paths and user experience.

Robust debugging and problem determination data

The Astra Control REST API provides a robust debugging and problem determination capability, including system events and user notifications.

Workflow processes

A set of workflows is provided to assist with the development of your automation code. The workflows are organized in two major categories: infrastructure and management.

Foundation for advanced automation technologies

In addition to accessing the REST API directly, you can use other automation technologies which are based on the REST API.

Part of the Astra family documentation

The Astra Control Automation documentation is part of the larger Astra family documentation. See Astra documentation for more information.